Why We’re Different-

Perhaps one of the most important components of great tasting coffee is freshness. Coffee goes stale quickly, and you have no idea how long the coffee you’re buying has been sitting on the shelf, or in the warehouse.

The coffee that you’ll find on this page is different! We use fine quality Arabica Beans, and each of our fundraising client’s orders are roasted and delivered within days of receiving the order.

If you enjoy our products as much as we think you will, you can continue to order them via our website, and the fundraising organization will receive the same portion of the proceeds.

Premium quality for about the same price you’d pay at the store!

Our Coffee

To ensure that you are tasting the finest quality coffee, we only use the highest quality Arabica beans in our blends. We roast to strict standards, label exclusively for your organization, and deliver fresh, within days!

Light Roast
Our most popular roast. Taste all the nuances that Colombian Arabica beans have to offer. This full bodied cup of coffee allows you to taste all the elements that give beans from Colombia the flavor coffee connoisseurs crave.

Medium Roast
This roast allows you to taste the best our Colombian Arabica beans have to offer, but also introduces more of the flavor our unique roasting process brings. Any lover of great coffee will want to brew this roast again and again.

Dark Roast
We combine the finest beans available with our extended roasting process. These beans explode with all the roasting flavor coffee drinkers could ever want, while still retaining a subtle taste of the Colombian region where they originate.

All the flavor of our traditional medium roast, without the caffeine. You’ll sleep easier knowing you can brew this great roast any time of the day or night.

Enjoy the flavor of hazelnuts added to our already rich bodied Colombian coffee.

French Vanilla
Good! Good! Good! Traditional smooth and creamy vanilla at its best!

Jamaican Me Crazy
Our most delectable flavored coffee. The hint of Jamaican Rum and Mexican liqueur flavoring almost has you feeling the spray of Caribbean waters.

Ghirardelli Hot Chocolate

Ghirardelli Double Chocolate Double Chocolate
If you like hot chocolate, you’ll love Ghirardelli Double Chocolate! Just mix with milk and enjoy a rich and creamy treat that leaves you dreaming of the first snowfall year-round.
Ghirardelli Chocolate Hazelnut Chocolate Hazelnut
We blend the finest ingredients and the result is a rich chocolate taste perfectly balanced with a hint of hazelnut.
Ghirardelli Chocolate Mocha Chocolate Mocha
We start with cocoa from the finest cocoa beans, blend just the right amount of sugar, real vanilla and roasted coffee.
Ghirardelli White Mocha White Mocha
The rich flavor of Ghirardelli Premium White Mocha creates the pleasurable moments mocha
lovers cherish. We use only the finest ingredients, including roasted coffee and real vanilla,
to create this decadent drink.

Big Train Chai Tea
Chai Tea Big Train Chai Tea
Big Train Chai is different than a tea bag in hot water, it’s truly a unique drinking experience! Your mouth will come alive with flavorful blends that will make you want to drink Chai at every opportunity. Delicious Hot or Iced! Just add water! Available in Chocolate, Vanilla, Spice and Green Tea Flavors!
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