Like many parents with multiple children in school, the owners of The Caring Bean Coffee Company, were faced with many school fundraisers each year. On top of the school fundraisers, there were fundraisers for Girl Scouts, gymnastics, little league, softball, dance, and Cub Scouts. You get the picture, virtually all of the organizations their children participated in needed fundraisers to survive.

Neighbors, relatives, friends, and co-workers, the core of potential customers, are all being bombarded by multiple people selling the same products, many of which are not always in high demand and have been done so many times that it is really hard to generate any excitement for kids or potential customers.

The final hurdle all of these fundraisers face is profitability. When all is said and done, the fundraisers put added burden on families, friends, neighbors, and co-workers and for all of the effort, are not very profitable. If only organizations could retain more of the sale, and as importantly, sell something new, different, and in demand.

Out of this discussion came the seeds of an idea, or should we say the beans of an idea: coffee beans to be exact. Why not sell something virtually every adult American drinks, coffee? That set the wheels of industry in motion and The Caring Bean Coffee Company was established.

The Caring Bean offers any organization the opportunity to sell a staple product and make more money. To maximize profit for each organization, each bag of Caring Bean coffee is roasted, packaged, and delivered fresh locally. The unique blends offered by The Caring Bean are loved by coffee drinkers of all tastes and distinctions.

Besides offering a new, unique, and in demand product for fundraising, what really sets The Caring Bean apart from other fundraising endeavors is the amount of money every organization can make. Each organization makes more profit on each bag of coffee than The Caring Bean does. Secondly, with The Caring Bean, every fundraiser turns into a “perpetual fundraiser”. The Caring Bean offers a unique web based re-ordering system for drinkers who love their coffee. As long as consumers continue to order, the organization continues to receive profits from every sale. That’s right, profits from every re-order forever! Friends, neighbors, relatives, and co-workers will be supporting your organization with every re-order, for as long as they re-order.

Finally, each order is separated by participant, clearly marked and delivered. For you, this means no more long hours spent dividing orders in preparation for delivery. We do that for you!

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